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XtraBind 70 thermorelieur semi-automatique

XtraBind 70Aucune traduction disponible.

We took the best medium binder and improved it! 30 pct faster paper clamp operation, 50 pct faster carriage speed, book end position accuracy improved to 1 mm, faster cover clamping cycle, easy and accurate adjustment of the front and tail glue cut off, totally new frame with dual precision ground guide rails with quadruple linear bearings  is 400 pct stiffer. Paper clamp body is 500 pct stiffer.

High quality single clamp binders with extremely good spine preparation, glue application and cover wraparound at an affordable price. Designed for quick printers, digital printers and repro shops where space, time, cost and ease of use are important factors in your choice. The Digibind binders will produce professionally bound documents with excellent cover wraparound. The advanced aggressive spine preparation with full milling, which exposes fresh paper grain, combined with use of suitable hot melt glue will bind almost any kind of printed documents. The multi glue roller system on the binders will economically apply the glue, force it into the prepared spine slits and scrape off the excess for a flat, even spine. The coverpress with adjustable dwell and intensity, combined with the world patented micrometer spine press adjustment, will give an excellent cover squareness and tight cover wraparound. The result will be very professional looking books with excellent sheet pull test resistance. Optionally the cover press can be adapted with a special nipper for pressing on hard covers to the glued spine for an even better final result. Padding is also possible. The top model also has a fully programmable glue cut off on both application rollers for front and back cut off on the spine. This removes any trace of glue at the book ends. The simple, logical left to right operation enables a 40 percent higher productivity than other machines that use a right–left–right system.

Bind 70