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XtraLogo Foil Printer

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XtraLogo Foil Fusing Machine

The Perfect Solution for Proofs, Short Run Jobs and Personalisation

No Dies Required - No Make-ready - No skilled Operator - Spot Varnish Effects

The XtraLogo is the latest in the range of foil fusing machines from Xtra.  This hand fed model works from a toner image to produce a foiled effect and is ideal for short runs, personalisation and proofs, mock-ups or in the craft world.

The machine will accept sheets up to 320mm wide and of any length. As it foils from a toner image there is no requirement for a negative or an expensive metal die.  No special make-ready supplies, training or skills are required to produce beautiful flat foil stamping with either the XtraLogo.

Xtra Foil is available in a range of colours and effects, including wallpaper holograms. Rolls are available at 305mm wide or specific widths can be supplied cut to size. To really increase profits, consider our Foil Cutter and never waste another centimeter of foil.

We also supply clear film for Therm-O-Fusing. The image quality and the durability from a full colour laser printer, compared to offset printing, whilst being acceptable is far from permanent. Generally it is considered “good enough” for many applications. However, Therm-O-Fusing with a smooth plastic film changes it dramatically. The result is an image that is permanent, more dense, uniform and has a glossy finish, which on solid areas is similar to spot varnishing.

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