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ExtraCut 460P massicot électrique

XtraCut 460PAucune traduction disponible.

The world’s most advanced 46cm cutter. The 46cm cutter offers copyshops all the features previously found only on very large professional machines that cost 1000’s more. Compare with the others: full 46cm cutting table depth, others offer only 35cm, extra deep 23cm front table for cutting longer sheets, others offer only 15cm, electrically powered paper press, no more sheet slippage when cutting glossy paper, other use a manual press or weak springs, deepest cutting depth in its class up to 5cm, other have only 3 or 4cm depth, servo controlled backguage with 92 programs, with push out function! Others have only manual backguage settings. HSS knife*, more than 12000 cutting cycles before regrinds! Full LCD display with keyboard! Others only offer no display at all or as an expensive option. Over-hanging front guard for extra long paper.


  • Fully guarded with infrared lighbars
  • Digital display and keyboard and backguage position memory
  • Full NC control
  • Comes as standard with cabinet base included in price
  • Precision welded and machined lower frame for accuracy and durability
  • Hardened, tempered and ground blade, comes with easy to change spare cutting stick
  • Easy to adjust knife stroke, no special tools needed
  • Double guided cast steel and annealed blade carrier, heavy duty cast paper press and main cutting frame
  • Push button fast advance and return of backguage, resettable reference point
  • Full fast paper push out in about 6 sec.
  • Left side lay
  • Illuminated cutting line, just like on large cutters
  • Electric paper press applies even pressure for a more accurate cut
  • Cast backguage with machined front and fingers
  • Typical backgauge cutting accuracy better than 0.2 mm
  • Easy to change blade, comes with paper knocking up tool
  • Very low maintenance requirement
  • Option fully mobile on casters
  • Multi program module with 92 programs x 92 steps