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XtraFinish Multi Air 33

XtraCrease multi AirAucune traduction disponible

The new XtraFinish multi Air is a totally new development based on
simple cost effective design to give you more value for money. Crackfree
folding on card stock with digital print, user training less than 5
minutes, easy to crease up to 32 lines on card material up to 0.40mm
thick and to 650 long* x 330 wide, easy to memorize the jobs with 30
programs, easy to get the job done fast, process time 0,9 sec/A4 sheet,
easy to invert the crease direction, or add from 1 to 8 perfing tools,
easy to set up the line position in just 3 touches of the keyboard, easy
to alter the crease depth in moments, airfeed the sheets on the spacious
table, easy to stack the finished product on the easyset collection tray,
easy to store the unit, main body just 60 cm long, easily afford able.
Make your life easy with the XtraFinish Multi Air 33.

Crease Multi
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